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Marina - Teen Idle

[Verse 1]
I wanna be a bottle blonde
I don’t know why but I feel conned
I wanna be an idle teen
I wish I hadn’t been so clean
I wanna stay inside all day
I want the world to go away
I want blood, guts and chocolate cake
I wanna be a real fake

Yeah, I wish I’d been a
Wish I’d been a teen, teen idle
Wish I’d been a prom queen, fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
Feeling super, super (super!) suicidal
The wasted years, the wasted youth
The pretty lies, the ugly truth
And the day has come where I have died
Only to find I’ve come alive

[Verse 2]
I wanna be a virgin pure
A 21st century whore
I want back my virginity
So I can feel infinity
I wanna drink until I ache
I wanna make a big mistake
I want blood, guts and angel cake
I’m gonna puke it anyway

Teen Idle is a song by Marina Diamandis, released under her previous stage name 'Marina and the Diamonds'. it is the 9th track on her second studio album, Electra Heart. The song was written by Marina alone, and produced by Liam Howe. Teen Idle is a 'Teen Idle' (archetype) song. In February 2011, Marina went to London Fashion week and stated that she got the idea for the title from a grey knitted jumper with "Teen Idle" written on it. Thinking it would be funny to rhyme "idle" with "suicidal," she decided to write the song about youth—specifically how she did not live out her teen years the way she wished she had.

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