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Megadeth - Wake Up Dead

I sneak in my own house
It's four in the morning
I had too much to drink
Said I was out with the boys
I creep in my bedroom
I slip into bed,
I know if I wake her,
I'll wake up dead
I wonder, will she find out,
About the other, other lover.
Wake up dead, you die
Wake up dead, and buried.
Wake up dead, you die
Wake up dead.

"Wake Up Dead" is a single from the Megadeth album "Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?", and additionally the first single ever launched by the band. Along with the title track, "Peace Sells", this song is a live staple at almost every Megadeth show. It starts with a descending bass intro and then sustained chords, followed by Dave Mustaine's singing. The song is mostly instrumental, and is about Mustaine fearing revenge from his girlfriend after he cheats on her. It describes him sneaking into his bedroom, so he does not wake her up. This was also the song that Megadeth played when guitarist Marty Friedman was auditioning for the band. The music video for this song features the band playing at a rock concert enclosed in a cage. As the video progresses, the fans go crazy and begin to jump around and climb the metal cage.

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