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Megan Thee Stallion - VickeeLo and Dino Btw Skit (feat. VickeeLo and Dino Btw)

[Skit: VickeeLo & Dino Btw]
Can't wait 'til we get to the club, ooh, yeah
If she ever answer the fuckin' phone, girl
Girl, what is we got goin' on?
Ooh, sister, you like it?
Uh, uh, girl, what is you doin'? I thought we was goin' out tonight
I'm sorry, sister, I'm waitin' on my nigga to pull up and pull over
Oh, no, bitch, you really played on me, you serious?
Baby, you can go outside, I'm inside
Okay, so that's how we gon' do it? Huh?
That's how we gon' do it, huh?
You must be waitin' on that old ass man, bitch, you think you're slick (Ah)
You must need your rent paid, huh? Alright, that's cool
You can leave me out, that's cool
I ain't gon' even hate, sister, I'm not gon' hate on you
I ain't gon' hate, I'm not gon' hate, I'm not gon' hate
Okay, run them coin
So what we 'bout to do tonight? What's goin' on?
'Cause you really got it, you got, you got the whole package, baby
What, what we got?
'Bout to make him eat me out and pay me out

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