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Method Man - World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)


These kids are sour until the day that they're chewed down
That's bad news now they now they bringin' bad news down
First they're sour then they're sweet little dudes
And they gonna fight the power till they food
Now eat em up, Shut up and eat em up
This beat goes hard I just gotta eat it up
Its like I'm runnin , I gotta eat it up
And when they candy goes raw just gotta eat it up
[Verse 1: Method Man]
Coming back out of the cracks of sofas and fanny packs
This ain't a candy rap this is where the candy attacks
See, when they lost that's when their sanity snaps
They break laws, not jaw-breakers, but break jaws
In fact, real heavy like a monkey on your back
Got some thumb-tacks playing pin the donkey with your cat
But fuck that plant a fire cracker where you dump at
Right besides the shower where you keep the penis pump at
Oh no, they creepin' like some ninjas in their dojo
They knock the little man off the horsey on your polo
Crushin' all your dreams, cut the string from your yo-yo
Trade your Lamborghini for a Volvo
I bet you thought that this was a promo
But no-no, this is Boba Fett meets Han Solo
Kids gone loco, until you sink your teeth in
You know the motto, if life's a treat then you're eatin'


[Verse 2]
Oh snap, look what fell out the patch
Right in this fool's lap, how uncool is that
All right jack, now you're on the wrong side of the map
With a busted GPS and on the wrong side of the snacks
They fight back, in fact they're rolling like the army
Throw bleach in laundry, unfold your origami
I like that some snacks sweeter in the end
But then again, ain't nothin' sweeter then revenge
Now they are on your Facebook deleting all your friends
Clogging up your toilet with a poop eating grin
All up in your closet cutting holes in every pocket
That you like to keep your wallet and I promise I'm a pimp
Wipe the music off your MP3
Burn a rug, pull the plug on your MTV
This is thug vision in 3D
These kids aren't worth it they play dirty like they are ODBYou might also like

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