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Mick Jenkins - The Light

Oh, it's a gnat in here
Get out of here, gnat
You got something to tell me, gnat?
You got something you want to tell me, gnat?
Huh? Alright

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
Cuff my nuts, place myself on house arrest
Locked in, judge, jury, bailiff, bet
When it rains, I'm dry, sun shines, I'm wet
Push up demons, fuck it, doin' 'bout 50, 11 sets
Ignoring your texts like sweet babies who cry in the church
Or if your partner got popped yesterday and school come first
My favorite color's yellow, maybe 'cause I'm mellow
And I got so much style, it's probably 'cause I'm ghetto
My mommy never cooked a Cosby dinner
And often times I took a L for Mrs. Winters
But I'm getting off the subject
Off the boat, got my luggage but the quote
Pack light starts to echo through my mind
So I'm rushing now, hushing now
Laid my suitcase down like prom night
Zipped it open started pulling out
Tossin' memories, socks, thoughts who pretend to be
Boxer briefs, pants, pictures of frenemies killing me

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