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Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You

Mmm, mmm, mmm

[Verse 1]
Flowers in hand, waiting for me
Every word in poetry
Won't call me by name, only "baby"
The more that you give, the less that I need
Everyone says I look happy
When it feels right

I know that you're wrong for me
Gonna wish we never met on the day I leave
I brought you down to your knees
'Cause they say that misery loves company
It's not your fault I ruin everything
And it's not your fault I can't be what you need
Baby, angels like you can't fly down here with me

I'm everything they said I would be
La, la, la
I'm everything they said I would be

[Verse 2]
I'll put you down slow, love you goodbye
Before you let go, just one more time
Take off your clothes, pretend that it's fine
A little more hurt won't kill you
Tonight, mama says you don't look happy
Close your eyes

"Angels Like You" is a song about an unhealthy relationship that the singer knows is wrong for her, but she can't help but keep going back to. The lyrics suggest that the person she's with is too good for her and is an "angel" but they can't be together because of her own issues. In the verses, Miley talks about how the person she's with treats her well and how she appears happy, but deep down she knows that they are wrong for each other. She realizes that she brings the other person down and that she can't be what they need. She also mentions how she's been told that she would be a certain way, which could suggest that she feels like she's living up to negative expectations. The chorus suggests that Miley knows this relationship is destined to fail and that she will regret ever getting involved. She acknowledges her responsibility in the situation, admitting that she ruins everything and that "misery loves company". However, she also recognizes that the other person is blameless and that they deserve someone better than her. The post-chorus, "I'm everything they said I would be", suggests that Miley has internalized negative comments and criticism from others, perhaps about her inability to maintain healthy relationships. Overall, "Angels Like You" appears to be a reflection on the difficulties of maintaining a relationship when one person is struggling with their own issues. The lyrics suggest a sense of regret and the realization that sometimes, even when two people care for each other, they simply can't be together.

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