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Mitski - Class of 2013

[Verse 1]
Mom, I'm tired
Can I sleep in your house tonight?
Mom, is it alright
If I stay for a year or two?

[Verse 2]
Mom, I'll be quiet
It would be just to sleep at night
And I'll leave once I figure out
How to pay for my own life too

[Verse 3]
Mom, would you wash my back?
This once, and then we can forget
And I'll leave what I'm chasing
For the other girls to pursue

Mom, am I still young?
Can I dream for a few months more?

Recorded and self-released as a student project during her time at Purchase College’s Conservatory of Music, the title “Class of 2013” likely refers to Mitski’s own cohort of graduates. Throughout the song she delivers a gut-wrenching expression of the terror that many graduates feel, as they are thrown into the beginning of their adult lives, having to find their own way in the world.

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