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Motionless in White - She Never Made It to the Emergency Room

If I cut off my hand and gave it to you
Would you hold it then? (You’re throwing up, throwing up you can't breathe)
She's going to lock me in a cold dark cellar room
It won't be easy to escape

This love I sealed it with a kiss
This love has long been over
You’re so evil in your own little way
It's so hard to believe you

She whispered in his ear
Please darling don’t be scared
I want you to bleed with me
A brilliant suicide
From you is all I want
And we’ll fall into the sea

It's about time I expose you
You and the piece of shit you call a fucking heart
There’s just one thing wrong my love
I wouldn’t trust you with my life

And this kiss tastes like a hand grenade
The pin is pulled out and thrown away

My heart is a time bomb
Only seconds to go
Self-destructing as my chest explodes

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