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Muse - Hoodoo

Come into my life
Regress into a dream
We will hide
Build a new reality
Draw another picture
Of the life you could've had
Follow your instincts
And choose the other path

You should never be afraid
You're protected from trouble ahead
Why, why
Is this a crisis in your eyes again

Come to be
How did it come to be
Tied to a railroad
No-one to set us free
Watch our souls fade away
And our bodies crumbling
Don't be afraid

I will take the blow for you

And I've had recurring nightmares
That I was loved for who I am
And missed the opportunity
To be a better man

Beautiful and underrated song from Muse’s fourth album "Black Holes and Revelations". The track starts out quiet with only Spanish guitar and lyrics and then slowly builds up with added guitar, piano, drums and strings until a romantic crescendo, before slowly descending into a quiet outro in style with the intro. In geology, a hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock, usually accompanied by a large rock on the top of the spire. One of the fascinations with hoodoos is that they appear unstable. This notion parallels the relationship mentioned in the song, which appears to be destined to fall however they try to work through it. The word ‘hoodoo’ also means bad luck, misfortune, and a really unlucky person, which can be associated to the troubles described in the song. The lyrics were voted “Lyric of the Decade” in 2009 by readers of Q Magazine.

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