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Neil Young - Danger Bird

Danger bird, he flies alone
And he rides the wind
Back to his home
Although his wings
Have turned to stone

And we used
To be so calm
Now I think
About you
All day long
'Cause you've been
With another man
Here you are
And here I am.

That's the moment
That he cracked
Long ago in the
Museum with his

The jailbird takes the raps
And he finds himself
Spread-eagled on the tracks
But the training that he learned
Will get him nowhere fast.

And I know we
Should be free
But freedom's just
A prison to me
'Cause I lied
To keep it kind
When I left you
Far behind.

With the rain
Pounding on his
Back he recalls
The moment that
He cracked long
Ago in the museum
With his friends.
And like those
Memories the rain
Keeps pounding
Down, down, down.

And though these wings
Have turned to stone
I can fly fly fly away.
Watch me fly above the city
Like a shadow on the sky.
Fly, fly, fly.