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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Messiah Ward

[Verse 1]
I hope you're sitting comfortably
I saved you the best seat in the house
Right up in the front row
The stars have been torn down
The moon is locked away
And the land is banked in frozen snow
You are a force of nature, dear
Your breath curls from your lips
As the trees bend down their branches
And touch you with their fingertips

They're bringin' out the dead now
It's easy
Well, just to look away
They are bringin' out the dead now
It's been a strange, strange day

[Verse 2]
We could navigate our position by the stars
But they've taken out the stars
Well the stars have all gone
I'm glad you've come along
We could comprehend our
Condition by the moon
But they've ordered the moon not to shine
Still, I'm glad you've come along
I was worried out of my mind

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