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Oliver Francis - Tangerine Summer

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Banana and a backwood for breakfast
Take a shower brush my teeth
Feed the cat and then I hop up in the Lexus
Ashes on my leather seats
I smiled at a girl across the stoplight
She crack a smile back at me
It's gon' be a good day
Baby that's a guarantee
I grab the phone and text the plug
He told me pull up to the house
He treat me good
He always show me love
$150 for the ounce
He like
"You tryna chill and play some Xbox?"
But I really got to bounce
And he know any other day I would but
There's a girl I'm thinkin' bout
Drivin' wit my knee while I roll the weed
I do that shit with expertise
Chanel bag in the passenger seat
Spark the L and feel the summer breeze
Power lines roll by against the skyline
A faithful lady waiting for me and she all mine
Can't explain the way it feel inside of me
Then to my surprise I find a parking spot with ease
I pull up to her crib she say come up though
When I walk in she watching JoJo
She walk across the condo
That ass is movin' slow-mo
Close my eyes and try to take a mental photo
She layin' by the pool wit a magazine
Fingernails, toenails painted tangerine
She take a handful and roll it up
I'm poolside with my Shōnen Jump
Tall socks in my Birkenstocks
I take em off and then I jump in the pool
I keep the watch that's a waterproof g-shock
The kids watchin' from the rooftop
She walk up to the edge
Sit down and dip her toes in
I swim to her
Our lips lock and time is frozen
I'm a sucker yeah I'm hopeless
Girl you everything I want
I know you know this
We dry off and we hop in the whip
Hit the fruit stand get the produce and dip
And now we back at the crib
We roll one up, fuck, and blow the spliff
She fall asleep right by my side
Without a stir she sleep through the night
Lay down and I close my eyes
As I rest my head you soar through my skies
On and on and on
She's so strawberry blonde
And your summer skins like porcelain
Catchin' sun rays on the lawn
It goes on and on and on
Do you miss me when I'm gone?
And that summer kiss match your nail polish
It's a tangerine summerYou might also like

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