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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me (feat. Drake)

Doesn't make sense now
Shit just got real, things are gettin' intense now
I hear you talkin' 'bout "We" a lot, oh, you speak French now?
Giving me the signs so I gotta take a hint now
I hit you up like "Do you wanna hang right now?"
On the East Side and you know I'm with the gang right now
You say do I own a watch, do I know what time it is right now
It's after 2AM and that's askin' a lot of you right now

All she talkin' bout is, "Come and see me for once
Come and see me for once
You don't ever come to me, you don't ever come to me"
All she ever say is, "Come and see me for once
Come and see me for once
You don't ever come to me, you don't ever come to me"

I been up for two whole days thinkin' what I did to keep you goin'
Thumbin' through the voicemails that you left me tellin' me where I went wrong
I'll admit I'm sorry when I feel I'm truly sorry
Things change, people change, feelings change too
Never thought the circumstances woulda changed you
You said you never traded, no (Yeah, you said that)
And I believed you when they told me don't
(Yeah, I thought you meant that)
But either way you're still invited and I can't even lie to you

On “Come and See Me,” PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake reflect on their attempts to maintain casual romantic relationships, effortlessly interchanging between their own perspectives and the women they’re trying to sleep with. While all they want is a 2AM booty call, the girls they’re seeing want relationships. Between shows, studio sessions and long trips, it gets hard for the girls back home. Everyone needs love and affection, but what’s it like when you try to have one without the other? In a day and age where artists push to be the most creative, PND topped his compeition by releasing the music video for this song through the mobile app, Snapchat on June 23rd, 2016.

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