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All I wanna do is lay up with you
All day, all day (All day, all day)
Nothing else, nothing else (Nothing else)
Than spend time with you all day (All day)

[Verse 1]
But I gotta get to the money, baby, yeah
We both love these hunnids, yeah
Once I'm finished with my job, baby girl, yeah, I'm on my way, yeah
I'ma cop you that new Pedro Garcia up on display
You know I don't say things just to say things, yeah
(Oh na na na na)
Never felt, never held, never had no love like you
(Oh na na na na)
But this right here, I'm keepin' to myself
I don't wanna lose
(Oh na na na na)
Don't wanna lose you
Couldn't, can't, wouldn't, won't lose you, yeah (Phew, uh, ooh)

When it feel this good, you better keep it (Ooh)
(When it feel this good, you better keep it)
When it feel this good, you better keep her around (Yeah, keep her around)
When it feel this good she get the key to the house (Oh, yeah)

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