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Don't hold your breath
Don't wait on my love
Don't hold your breath
Don't wait on my love

[Verse 1]
Don't wait on my reply to your text
Don't wait on my nut from your sex
Don't trust me to capture the moment
Forgive me, it just was a moment
Don't lay up, I'd rather her stand out
I heard number two is your man now
Don't mind me bein' number two now
I'ma man up, ain't no man down
You see, I don't give no fucks now
Is it somethin' we discussed now?
The truth got you in disgust now
'Cause I'd rather we just fuck now

Don't hold your breath (Don't hold it, oh)
Don't wait on my love (Don't wait on my love, oh no)
Don't hold your breath (Don't hold it, no)
Don't wait on my love (Ooh, don't wait on my love, love)

The lyrical content of “SAVAGE ANTHEM” is very well explained by its title. PARTY explains in vivid details to his significant other that he will not change for her and will remain a “savage,” a stark contrast from his promises of positivity and steadiness seen on the album’s opener, “NOTHING LESS.” The song features a very simple instrumental with just a very lo-fi, synthesizer driven beat with a slow, steady percussion base, leaving PARTY’s cutthroat lyrics to do most of the work on the track.

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