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Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate
what creates my own madness
and I'm addicted to your punishment
and you're the master
and I am waiting for disaster

I feel irrational
So confrontational
To tell the truth I am
getting away with murder
it isn't possible
to ever tell the truth
but the reality is I'm getting away with murder
(Getting away, Getting away, Getting away)

I drink my drink and I don't even want to
I think my thoughts when I don't even need to
I never look back cause I don't even want to
and I don't need to
because I'm getting away with murder


"Getting Away with Murder" is the first single from Papa Roach's third album, Getting Away with Murder, and sixth released single in total. The video is performance-based, showing the band playing in a Stock Exchange Hall with references filled with fans (including sexual imagery which led the band's lead singer to describe the video as "stocks and bondage" in an MTV2 interview). It was directed by Motion Theory.

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