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Persefone - The Great Reality

A light has appeared
A pure life is born
On this earth
In this world
Bringing its inner power
Molded from our birth
Like a robot
Stage by stage
Erasing our essence
Each influence along our lives
Creates on us
A false being
Denying the purity
The innate brightness
Turning off
Our deepest evolution
A distorted world
Living in lies and illusions
Limits the true vision
And the expansion
Of our power
But buried in the deepest of my being
A flame's still burning
A hidden truth
A covered perception
Conscious I see
The great reality
Its throb increases
Coming closer to it
Feeling like I'm losing my home
I feel the real in the unreal
My foundations crumbles
All my world destroyed
I plunge into this huge perception
The secret is revealed
A universe full of love
Remembering what we are
Attracting all we want
Being grateful
We are beings of light
A state of consciousness
With our roots in the present
Deeply fulfilled in completeness
Embracing our life
The existence
Feeling we come from
The source
Internalize this deep truth...
What you see outside
Reflects what you have inside
You create your own reality
Feel your wounds, your emotional locks
Heal your inner world
Clean the window of your life
Allow your wisdom
To lead your soul
I open my heart
My whole being
I let the light
Pass through my
Fears and shadows
My inner child...
My deepest emotions
I leave myself
In hands of healing
In silence
I trust
I know it's for my sake
A reconnection with the source
The origin of all life
As the center of the universe
Transmitting love, infinite joy
Well-being flows to us
Allows ourselves to receive...
All this stream of energy
We are becoming conscious
And learning how to
Live in all its dimension

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