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Pharrell Williams - Hug Me

[Verse 1: Trey Parker]
Hey! Why do you insist on trying to give me away
When they were too good and you wanted to shake them, who came?

[Pre-Chorus: Trey Parker & (Pharrell Williams)]
I was your dirty boy, your good, new secret toy
Show me how they get you joy (Who stayed in trouble with you?)
Oh, don't you want some more? Come on, I think they're gone
Our part is coming on (You're either with me or doomed)

[Chorus: Trey Parker & (Pharrell Williams)]
Hug me (Bring it in)
Would you loosen up? Would ya
Hug me (Bring it in)
I think they wanna take a picture

[Verse 2: Trey Parker]
Wake up, you're sleeping on me, playing this stupid game
Why can't we flex on the world and make them say our name

[Pre-Chorus: Trey Parker & (Pharrell Williams)]
Our favorite color's purple, we stay out past the curfew
My kung-fu grip will hurt you (Who stayed in trouble with you?)
You dyed your hair like me, black so everyone can see
Your parents couldn't believe (You're either with me or doomed)

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