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Phoebe Ryan - A Thousand Ways (Acoustic)

[Verse 1]
One drink, one night, one evenin'
One fight, one stays, one's leavin'
One's breakin' down, one's sleepin'
One's havin' trouble breathin'

It's stupid to think
Someone will care for you always
Be there for you all the time
'Cause one day, you'll blink
And that's when you learn it the hard way

I think it's safe to say
There's a thousand ways to lose your mind
A thousand ways to bend until you break
It only takes a few
Sometimes, the easiest one is fallin' on your face
Just tryna fight for you and I
A thousand ways to make your worst mistake, yeah
I could name a few right now
The easiest one is you
The easiest one is you
Right now, the easiest one is you

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