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Phoebe Ryan - Forgetting All About You feat. Blackbear

[Verse 1: Phoebe Ryan]
I tell myself I'd grow up after you
But baby, it's impossible to do
'Cause when you left, I found myself
And around, and around, and around I go now
I'm running out of room inside my brain
I'm celebrating nothing with champagne
Fill my cup with zero fucks
'Nother round, 'nother round, 'nother round
Let's go now

[Pre-Chorus: Phoebe Ryan]
I was blue
But now, I'm cool

[Chorus: Phoebe Ryan]
Every afternoon, I'm stoned as shit
Higher than the moon, not wearing pants
Laughing at cartoons, it's super fun
Forgetting all about you
Every single night, I'm making plans with my stupid friends
I drink 'til I'm sick, throw up in the club
It's super fun forgetting all about you

[Verse 2: blackbear]
Hey Phoebe, let me hit this spliff
So I can finally breathe again
Life is like a ceiling fan, spinning 'round my head
It's like I really wasn't with the sitch
Until I learned to hit the switch
Turn you off, look in the mirror
"Ooh, I fucks with me again"
Ooh baby, life's crazy how it work out
You was playin', my turf, my grass
How you gonna win?
Bear trap, getting racks off of trolling shit
And going in on bitches in the background

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