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Phoebe Ryan - Middle Finger

[Verse 1: Phoebe Ryan]
What I offer is something rare
If your heart's changing, then that's not fair
You might hate this, but I don't care
I don't care
I'm acting up, 'cause you don't listen to me

[Verse 2: Quinn XCII]
What I give you is something real
I thought that my heart was yours to steal
You're so absent, like what's the deal?
Hopefully, you're acting up 'cause you can't live without me

[Pre-Chorus: Phoebe Ryan & Quinn XCII]
When it comes to us
It always leads to one thing
But I need something more than your time
Yeah, I love me some love and affection
I'm so tired of being stressed and polite

[Chorus: Phoebe Ryan & Quinn XCII]
I don't wanna waste another
Moment with us apart
Baby, this should be simple
Loving me is not that hard
You're always on my agenda
You've been on it from the start
But when you act like it's nothing
It's a middle finger to my heart

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