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“Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2” is Pink Floyd’s only number one hit in both the US and the UK, and was a chart-topper in at least six other countries overseas in the spring of 1980. “Part 1” had come two tracks earlier, and even the immediately preceding song, “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” was thematically similar, to the point where one radio edit combines both songs. David Gilmour credits producer Bob Ezrin for the song’s disco sound: He said to me, “Go to a couple of clubs and listen to what’s happening with disco music,” so I forced myself out and listened to loud, four-to-the-bar bass drums and stuff and thought, Gawd, awful! Then we went back and tried to turn one of the “Another Brick in the Wall” parts into one of those so it would be catchy. We did the same exercise on “Run Like Hell.” But Roger Waters is more reluctant to embrace the disco classification: "The song ran slow, almost like a chant or mantra, at 100 beats per minute. To give it a bit of punch, Bob Ezrin added a kick drum on every beat, which made the song a different animal than something strummed on an acoustic guitar. It’s not a disco beat, as many people have said, but more of a heart beat. It’s very cool." Per Roger Waters – about his own teachers – "The school I was at — they were really like that. [All] they had to offer was their own bitterness and cynicism." In an interview with Guitar World, Roger Waters comments: "We were at Producers Workshop at the time. I remember sending the multi-track tape to Nick Griffiths in London and asking him to copy the backing track, record the kids, stick it all together and send it back to us. We just had one conversation. The tape came back in a Federal Express parcel, and I remember saying, ‘Oh let’s have a listen.’ I feel shivery now remembering the feeling of what it was like hearing those kids singing that song. I knew it was a hit record. There were a lot of great moments like that, when we were working at Producers Workshop."

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