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Portugal. The Man - The Dead Dog

[Verse 1]
Yeah these people have it made
They got all the money, everything
They know it all so they got nothing else to know
Forget it all when they fly back from Mexico

[Verse 2]
Like the wolves that had it made
They got food for years, mountains for days
Up the mountain gotta find what the sheep had found
Back to the den they find that the cubs had drowned

So why would we try
If we can wait
Just have ourselves a time
Free like the mind
It always waits
For friends to come around
So they'll get high
And higher still
And slowly fall behind
The warmth it came
In waves of pain
We really had ourselves a time
Yeah we had ourselves a time

Free download track off the upcoming 'American Ghetto' release, set to drop on March 2nd 2010

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