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Post Malone - Allergic

[Verse 1]
Wasted on Sunday
Erase you on Monday
Allergic, allergic
Gave in by Friday
Went straight back to sideways
Allergic, allergic

I took your pills and your drugs just to feel something else
'Cause I can't feel you no more

So sad, but true
You're friends with all my demons
The only one that sees them
Too bad for you
So sad, but true
Gave a hundred million reasons
But why can't you believe them?
Too bad for you

[Verse 2]
Yeah, we fight and we fuck until we open the cuts
And now we're soberin' up but never sober enough
Allergic, allergic
Instead of holdin' me down, you're only holding me up
It shouldn't be so hard, this is impossible love
Allergic, allergic

On “Allergic,” Post Malone contrasts an energetic beat with hard-hitting drums in the verses with slow guitar melodies during the chorus. The track describes an “impossible love,” and Post details a toxic relationship which involves constantly breaking up and getting back together and drug use. Within the verses, Post reflects on the sad truth that his lover may be one of his demons. The track is set to be sent to alternative radio on September 24, 2019 as the fourth single from Hollywood’s Bleeding, being the predecessor of “Circles,” released in back in late August this year.

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