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Post Malone - Staring at The Sun (Feat. SZA)

[Intro: Post Malone]

[Verse 1: Post Malone]
Wait (Wait)
I know you gotta a lotta shit you’d like to say (To say, to say)
Slow down, think you gettin' lil' carried away
You’re too close, to the flame
But you don’t, wanna turn around
Like you got me figured out

[Pre-Chorus 1: Post Malone]
But girl, what I can promise is I'll let you down
So don’t put up a fight
You’ll get lost in the light

[Chorus: Post Malone]
If you keep staring at the sun, you won’t see
What you have become, this can't be
Everything you thought it was
Blinded by the thought of us, so
Give me a chance, I will
Fuck up again, I warned
You in advance
But you just keep on starin' at the sun

“Staring At The Sun” is an upbeat pop track that features SZA and Post trading verses while reminiscing about a past relationship. during the week ending September 21, 2019, “Staring at the Sun” debuted and peaked at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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