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Prophets Of Rage - Shut Em Down Live

[Hook x8]
Shut 'em down
Shut 'em down, shut 'em shut 'em down

[Verse 1: B-Real]
Walking down the crossroads, feeling kind of lost
No, wait a minute, they forsaken
Feeling like a lost soul, I don't need your sympathy
I don't need your handout, never had it planned out
Just to punch a man out, pause on the news cab
Heard it on the news flash, what about a new tax
What if we refuse that, we don't need your promises
We don't need your bullshit, we don't need you selling us the lies at the pulpit
Setup was a meltdown, how's about you spell that
Run it by the hell hounds, get up if you fell down
I don't need your slick talk, I don't want your point of view
I'm the fucking thorn in the side that's annoying you

[Hook x8 (Both)]
Shut 'em down
Shut 'em down, shut 'em shut 'em down

[Verse 2: Chuck D & B-Real ]
Who count the money in the neighbourhood
But we spending money to no end, looking for a friend
In a war to the core, ripping up the poor in the stores
Until they get a brother kicking down doors
Then I figure I can get bigger
Look 'em dead in the eye and they wince, defence is pressurised
They don't really want it to be another racial attack
In disguise so give some money back
I like Nike but (wait a minute)
The neighbourhood supports, so (put some money in it)
All corporations owe, they gotta give up the dough
To my town or else we gotta (shut 'em down)