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Quasimoto - Seasons Change

[Verse 1]
Just like seasons change I bring rainfall
Or sunshine when it's summer time, y'all
Or cold shoulders when it's winter time, pa
Colors when it's spring I seem to stand tall

[Verse 2]
Different time, different day, different way
The original way with subliminal breaks, instant plays
Good vibes like we on some Roy Ayers
Lady luck like we the Ohio Players

(Hey Quas I still see a lot of 'em sleeping)
They gotta just wake up

[Verse 3]
Mathematically putting it down, scientists of sound
Like chord changes switching around we got the illest sound
Top choice, low rate, no gate, high voice
It's like we dipped the beat in water now we up on moist

[Verse 4]
Ain't got no time for haters only loved ones
But don't think we are all sweet you catch a mental shove
Speaking this language of music bringing harmony
You're looking at me dirty thinking of ways of harming me
But anyway...

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