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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Cocaine Jesus

Listen in, it isn't when you're talking for your name's sake
Jesus, Mary Magdalene you are, are you okay?
Sitting by the well, Jill you’re falling down the hill
Jack and everybody laughed. Don't you pray, don't you pray?

To a Cocaine Jesus in a black four-seater
Got a man, don't need him, but you wai-ai-ai-ait
Call me when you want, or just call me when you need it
If you only ever need it for the day

High won't hold, won't hold, and I have no more than all you left of me
I have, I have, I have no more, than all you leave

[Verse 1]
High as hell, feeling fine, nothing bad but nothing kind
Not, not a word from me, at least nothing you would mind
In my head, in my head, I get lonely sometimes
Feeling fly, coming down, never bad cause we're never out
You'll never call the cops again, I'll never call her mine
In my head, in my head, I get lonely sometimes

When you find an old picture of us, and you clear away the dust
I hope you miss me sometimes
When you see a frame that reminds you of me, do you remember the times
Oh the times that we believed

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