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Red Velvet - psychO

[레드벨벳 "Psycho" 가사]

[Intro: Seulgi, Wendy, Joy]
Ooh, ooh, hey, yeah
Hmm, yeah, psycho

[Verse 1: Irene, Seulgi]
널 어쩌면 좋을까
이런 맘은 또 첨이라
Up and down이 좀 심해
조절이 자꾸 잘 안돼
하나 확실한 건
I don’t play the game

[Refrain: Yeri, Joy]
우리 진짜 별나대
그냥 내가 너무 좋아해
넌 그걸 너무 잘 알고
날 쥐락펴락해
나도 마찬가지인걸 (Oh-oh-oh)

[Pre-Chorus: Wendy, Joy]
우린 참 별나고 이상한 사이야
서로를 부서지게 (부서지게)
그리곤 또 껴안아 (그리곤 또 껴안아)

The title song “Psycho” from the finale of “The ReVe Festival” is an up-tempo urban pop song that combines a powerful 808 bass, rhythmical high-hitting sound with an ever-changing melody and an addictive hook that strongly showcases Red Velvet’s deft yet humorous vocals. The lyrics talk about about two lovers who admit that their love is unique in the sense that although they hurt each other often to the point of parting, they always come back to each another. They only have each other as they’re perceived like psychos by the outside world.

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