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Rex Orange County - It's Not The Same Anymore

[Verse 1]
I'll keep the pictures saved in a safe place
Wow, I look so weird here
My face has changed now
It's a big shame
So many feelings, struggling to leave my mouth
And it's not that rare for me to let myself down
In a big way
But I had enough time and I found enough reason to accept that

It's not the same anymore
I lost the joy in my face
My life was simple before
I should be happy, of course
But things just got much harder
Now it's just hard to ignore
It's not the same anymore
It's not the same anymore
It's not the same, but it's not a shame 'cause

[Verse 2]
I spend a long time putting up with people
Putting on my best face
It's only normal when you stop things in the wrong way
It's only four o'clock and still, it's been a long day
I just wanna hit the hay
People knocking on me like every day
I'm tired of taking stress
If only there could be another way
I'm tired of feeling suppressed
And when they want me the most
I'm tired of acting like I care, but I do
And I can't wait to hit the bed
But tomorrow makes me scared

This song is partly about growing up but Rex seems to be displaying symptoms of depression and has difficulty expressing his doubts and fears. The song comes to a happy conclusion where he seems to be okay with what has happened in the past and is focused on a better future, even though it will not be the same as it once was.

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