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Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector

[Verse 1]
The great protector
Is that what I'm supposed to be?
What if all this counts for nothing
Everything I thought I'd be?
What if by the time I realize
It's too far behind to see?
Seventy-mil projector
I can show you everything, yeah
And we're on our way to glory
Where the show won't ever end
And the encore lasts forever
And it's time we're due to spend

[Verse 2]
Spending the years together
Growing older every day (Every day)
I feel at home when I'm around you
And I'll gladly say again
I hope the encore lasts forever
Now there's time for us to spend
And it's sublime with you, my friend
This right here still feels like a honeymoon
When you say my name, nothing's changed
I'm still a boy inside my thoughts
Am I meant to understand my faults?

“Pluto Projector” is the second single released for Rex’s third studio album "Pony". This song was first teased on October 16, 2019, with Rex posting a 1 minute video on his Instagram and Twitter of an orchestra playing what is seemingly the instrumental of the track. A couple hours later, he tweeted a phone number fans could call to hear a 50 second preview of the song.

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