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SAINt JHN - Roses Imanbek Remix

[Verse 1]
I walked in the corner with the body screaming dolo
Never sold a bag but look like Pablo in a photo
This gon' make 'em feel the way like Tony killed Manolo
You already know though, you already know though
I walk in the corner with the money, on my finger
She might get it popping, I might wife her for the winter
I already know, already know, nigga roses
All I need is roses

Turn up baby, turn up, when I turn it on
You know how I get too lit when I turn it on
Can't handle my behavior when I turn it on
Too fast, never ask, if the life don't last
Done been through it all
Fuck with a nigga raw, this who you wanna be
And I know you won't tell nobody nothing
And I know you won't tell nobody no

[Verse 2]
I might pull up flexing on these niggas like aerobics
I might tell her girl you cute but balling, that shit gorgeous
Standing on the table, Rosé, Rosé, fuck the waters
You know who the God is

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