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Saba - Stay Right Here

[Intro: Saba]
Mm, ayy, yeah, ayy

[Verse 1: Saba]
I woke up this morning feeling just like I'm a star
No I don't drink but I might buy the bar
Like shots on me because I ain't get shot
That's on my soul, Diana Ross
I am on my pivot like I am Ross
I am a force to be reckoned
Like a western film, might pull up on a horse
This is the part where the party is over
But you and your friends know you will not go home
This for my niggas who went and got fired
Just 'cause they desire to grow their hair long
I just said peace to the past like "so long"
I don't smoke weed yet they passing the bong
Chiefin' the reefer just like Cheech and Chong
This for the teachers who told me that songs won't go a long way
But I'm a long way from home because of it, ayy
Look at this love that I'm covered in, ayy
Built from the ground up, a architect
I present just like a scientist
I'm in this, I give just 'cause I am blood, yeah
Opposite of what they government
I protect people that show me their love, yeah

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