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Savages - Dead Nature

You chose your path, there's no return...
Life won't be the same again after this choice
Unless the gods forgive you, feel the eternal yearn...
Hopeless you remind forgotten ways with remorse

Embraced around your neck
Your mind is being taken by this lack

Don't smile; you're a dead nature now
Turn around; escaping from figures in black
Five petals from the rose of death
Hearts bleed, heads blow...

Before end comes and swallows what you were
Look into the sky, watch a gray rainbow rising up above
Before your servitude state be clear away like a blur
Recognise you'll be forevermore trapped like a dove

Chained around your neck
Your soul is being dragged by this lack
Someday you'll retreat in your ride
Too late, no one's by your side

Your fate was portrayed in this painting board
Just a little rose consumed by sad colors
Caught when tried so hard to raise and bloom
Couldn't reach the sunlight, life in gloom!

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