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Shakira - Tú

[Letra de "Tú"]

[Verso 1]
Te regalo mi cintura
Y mis labios para cuando quieras besar
Te regalo mi locura
Y las pocas neuronas que quedan ya
Mis zapatos desteñidos
El diario en el que escribo
Te doy hasta mis suspiros
Pero no te vayas mas

Porque eres tú mi sol
La fe con que vivo
La potencia de mi voz
Los pies con que camino
Eres tú amor
Mis ganas de reír
El adiós que no sabré decir
Porque nunca podré vivir sin ti

[Verso 2]
Si algún día decidieras
Alejarte nuevamente de aquí
Cerraría cada puerta
Para que nunca pudieras salir
Te regalo mis silencios
Te regalo mi nariz
Yo te doy hasta mis huesos
Pero quedate aquí

"Tú" (transl. "You") is a song by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira from her fourth studio album, Dónde Están los Ladrones? (1998). On the ballad, the lyrics detail the singer offering herself and her possessions to her lover. It was released as the album's second single in 1998 by Columbia Records and Sony Discos. Its lyrics were written by Shakira, the music was composed by herself and Dillon O'Brian. Shakira also handled its productions along with Lester Méndez. The track's musical composition was originally intended for an album O'Brian never released. After rising to prominence with the success of her major-label debut album Pies Descalzos (1995), Shakira was introduced to Emilio Estefan, the most important producer in the Hispanic market at the time, by her promoter and longtime friend, Jairo Martínez. Estefan was renowned for launching the careers of several Hispanic singers, including Thalía and his wife Gloria Estefan. He decided to work with Shakira as he identified her potential to break into the US Latin market, though one of Shakira's concerns about working with Estefan was creative control over her music. Before signing their contract, the roles and duties were finalized: Estefan would be her manager and executive producer, but she would be in charge of all material and arrangements and have final approval over her records. She later stated about Estefan, "He had a great respect for me as an artist and trusted me totally on this project."Since then, they started working on Estefan's Crescent Moon Studios in Miami, Florida. She insisted on perfection, working on the material to the point of exhaustion. "I made two or three demos of each song. I became a human being so demanding of myself that until the song made my hair stand on end, I wouldn't stop".

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