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Shy Martin - Just a Little Longer

Just hold on a little longer
Even when we're hurting, I still want you
And if you walk out that door, you know it’s over
Can't we just hold on a little longer?
A little longer
(Just a little)

[Verse 1]
Here we are in the spot
In same place where I stole your cigarette
Back when we first met
(Just a little)
100 highs, 100 nights
A couple break ups and fights, but
This time feels different, yeah
(Just a little)

Maybe it's all of the memories coming back to me
Maybe it’s this drink, I'm starting to think
I'm gonna miss you when you go (Mmm)
'Cause your eyes change color when you're sad
Go from blue to grey, I wish they wouldn't say
That we have to call this off

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