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Sir Sly - High

[Verse 1]
I’ve been smoking on the peace pipe
I’ve been wondering just what would peace be like
I’ve been staring into headlights
Swallow me whole, finding my peace of mind
I’m just trying to seize the moment
Trying to love the little things, even if they’re hard to love
A monument to love unspoken
Carved into stone, “Unwilling to come undone”

[Chorus 1]
It feels good to be running from the devil
Another breath and I’m up another level
It feels good to be up above the clouds
It feels good for the first time in a long time now

[Verse 2]
I remember back in Oakland
I was lying there in rapture on the bathroom floor
Moving hotel to hotel
Out on the road, no idea really what’s in store
Light it up just like a flashlight
Let it shine, let it rise just like a foreign sun
Turn it over and it’s capsized
It’s finally done, the battle's lost, yet I feel I’ve won

“High” is the catchy opener and first single of "Don’t You Worry, Honey", the band’s second album. The song premiered on Radio 94.7 on March 24th, 2017 and released to positive reviews. It also benefited from a heavy rotation on mainstream radios, reaching third place on Billboard’s Alternative chart and second place of Sirius XM’s Alt 18 Countdown. The music video was published on April 19th, 2017. Landon Jacobs, the band’s lead singer, told about the reception of “High”: "Magical. It’s the best. Apart from writing the song in the first place, and apart from making the album in the first place, the best feeling in the world is having people appreciate what you do and take it into their own." “High” revolves mainly around the topic of drug use and the struggle of withdrawal. But the song is open to many interpretations: is this a song about drugs? About fulfillment? Or about joy in general? It is up to the listener to choose what he likes and identifies to most.

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