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Sleater-Kinney - Surface Envy

[Verse 1]
Throw me a rope, give me a leg
I haven't seen daylight in what must be days
I took the long way down, lost track of myself
Confidence fell down the steepest of slopes
But if you get me a line, lend me an oar
I'll row you an ocean, I could do more
I feel so much stronger now that you're here
We've got so much to do, let me make that clear

We win, we lose
Only together do we break the rules
We win, we lose
Only together do we make the rules

[Verse 2]
I'm breaking the surface, tasting the air
Reaching for things that I could never before
The anchor is heavy, I can't hold the weight
The guilt holds me down, won't let me be myself
Suck it all in, suck it all up
Let go of thoughts that are holding me back
I push twice as hard towards it you see
And the past falls away to the bottom of the deep

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