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Soen - Kuraman

[Verse 1]
Listen to the eye of intuition, pattern it in play
Stop the drift from drowning your heart in it
Just to waste away
You don't even need them you're your own
You say; bridges light your way
I could only screen you from your window
No more than delay

You want it to reach an end
You would like it over when
You cannot save that someone in you
From you giving in

I can't make you stand your ground
Oh, do it for the truth you found
It is notwithstanding how, oh, all of us confide in you
When you trust, you words are one
You never gave your troubled mind voice of instinct

[Verse 2]
I will lie to you
The way you did to have your say in good company
Turn the game around and make it work my way
Second you to me
We will find a way to put our strife to end
Stronger than we were
I will mend the circles we lost in the sand to what we defer

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