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Sonic Boom - Pretty Baby

Baby maybe we could be friends
Pretty baby, I love you
Oh baby, you know I do
Wild honey, I love you

Oh honey, do you love me too?
Brown sugar, I need you
Oh sugar do you want me to make love to you?
Make love to you, Make love

Pretty baby, you're so sweet
You could have the whole world kneeling at your feet
Gotta leave your soul kitchen, I can’t stand the heat
Oh honey chile, you just drive me wild

You knock me dead every time you smile

You're loving just happened so fast
Now I've found a love that’ll last
I'm gonna ask her if she'll marry me
Cos' she makes me happy as a boy could be
Oh baby, I love you
From the death of my heart
I need you, oh honey
I want you, wild honey

Ah you know I do I just wanna make love to you
All night long
That's why i'm standing here singing this song
To you

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