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St. Vincent - Huey Newton

[Verse 1]
Feelings, flash cards
Fake knife, real ketchup
Cardboard cutthroats
Cowboys of information
Pleasure dot loathing dot Huey dot Newton
Oh, it was a lonely, lonely winter

[Verse 2]
Fuckless porn sharks
Toothless, but got a big bark
Live children, blind psychics
Turned online assassins
So Hale-Bopp, Hail Mary, hail Hagia Sophia
Oh, it was a lonely, lonely winter

Entombed in a shrine of zeros and ones
You know, you know
With fatherless features, you motherless creatures, you know
In perpetual night, oh it's terribly frightening
You know, you know
You got the pop and the hiss in the city of misfits you know
Safe safe and safest, faith for the faithless
Dim dim and dimmer, sucker for sinners

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