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Sting - Tomorrow We'll See

[Verse 1]
The streets are wet
The lights have yet
To shed their darkened luster on the scene
My skirt's too short
My tights are run
These new heels are killing me
A second pack of cigarettes
It's a slow night, but there's time yet
Here comes the John from his other life
He may be driving to his wife
But he slowed down, take a look
I've learned to read them just like books
It's already half past ten
But they'll be back again
Head lights in a rainy street
I checked, made sure it's not the heat
I wink, I smile, I wave my hand
He stops, he seems to understand
A small transaction we must meet
I tell him that my heart will break
If he's not a generous man
I step into his van
They say the first's the hardest trick
But after that it's just a matter of logic
They have the money I have the time
Being pretty's my only crime
Ask what future do I see
I say it's really up to me
I don't need forgiving
I'm just making a living

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