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Summer Walker - CPR

[Verse 1]
Caught me at the right time baby (Oh)
I was at the edge, I was at the end
Made me feel like there is life worth living
Made me feel alive oh yeah
Time ain't on my side

Baby where would I be without your love beside me? Oh
Baby where would I be? Probably gone, oh

'Cause it feels like CPR
'Cause it feels like CPR

[Verse 2]
Mm, make me love again, ah
Notice I can’t stand you, oh
I don’t wanna talk about it
But no one understands me, no
You’re the only one I confide in- to darlin', ah
I don't even need to lie to you, babe

Patient lova oh my babe
How you fix my heart oh darling
Everything I’ve done you knew you known
I ain’t really never had a home
Damn I really hate feeling alone
Maybe you could make me feel at home, baby