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Summer Walker - Session 33

Oh, no, no, no
Oh, no, no, no, no, oh

Long as you had a dime
4PF, ain't shit else that be on your mind
Long as you got your cars and toys to drive
I should've known I couldn't get your time
Long as you got your ice and got your drip
Be on them private jets, takin' trips
Come back at six
Wake me and your child
And then won't lay the dick
Make me wonder who you might've been layin' with
Makes me wonder who you think you playin' with
I'm beside myself to keep playin' this
Record back, over and over again
Swear that you've changed, but I know this the end
Long as you on the scene
Think you know your girl, that's so funny to me
That's why you done got left 'bout one or two times
Got tired of your shit, you almost lost your mind, mind
Long as they call your name
You'll continue to try to play these games
Leave your family in the cold and rain
And I don't think you'll ever change your ways
'Cause a house is not a home when no one's there
So alone, no one's there
Should I move on since no one's here?
You know what you got is good, that's why
You refuse to let me walk out your life
But you refuse to match up with my vibe
You keep wastin' my time, but you keep wastin' my time