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Summer Walker - Stretch You Out (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)

We got London on da track

[Verse 1: Summer Walker]
Niggas be insecure
Claiming that you ain't doing enough
Claiming that they need more
What you on your last breath, your last sweat, your last dime?
Out of your fucking mind
Can't you see I'm fucking trying?
You want pussy six times a week
And you never wanna clean up
And you talk to me like shit
And you handle me too rough
And at the end of the day, you got the nerve to bring up that bitch
But that's the difference
And when I feel like this, I can't take no shit

[Chorus: Summer Walker]
Ain't gon' stress you out, out, out, out, out (Ayy, yeah)
We gon' stretch you out, out, out, out
We just wanna have fun, fun, fun, oh, oh
We wanna make you cum, cum, cum, cum, cum

[Verse 2: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie]
Girl, I heard that you been hurtin'
Just let me know if it ain't workin'
I could put mad baguettes on you on purpose
We can go half on a baby on purpose
In the Maybach, let's close all of the curtains purposely
Everything you do to me, you do it perfectly
And I be in your body like surgery
I got insomnia, I gotta pop a percy to sleep, yeah
Throw that ass 'round in a circle please, yeah
Throw that ass 'round in a circle for me, yeah
Like you working for me
Don't you show no other nigga what you learning from me, yeah