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Suuns - Powers of Ten

Oh get it together, oh read in the paper
Oh all these strangers get stranger and stranger
Oh no no no nee no, no you don't understand it
Oh no now now you can't, how much more you can stand it
Sooner or later, gets later and later
You try to explain but you don't wanna wake her
No no no no you know, no, you don't understand it
I don’t know if know why that you don't understand it

I’m out to the East, away from the sinner
I ran out the place and made it for measure
I don’t know how you can’t only try and remember
I don’t know which faces; you were all pitched together
I’m blinking an eye, so why’d you feel better?
Year after year, forever and ever
Now no no no no no no no you can’t handle pressure
I don’t know that you know if you know how to kiss her

Now man won’t they see ya like powers of ten
But later and later, a wish and a prayer
Oh no no no no no and I just wanna see
H-no no no no no no yeah there’s no one and me
Your mind is so deep and the line of your hand
Go breaking the stars forever and ever
Now never and never, my God what a sinner
My number in heaven, no no no no no no no no

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