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Sylvan - A Kind of Eden

Feel it faintly ...
… feel it shyly … feel it ineffably
… feel it truly … feel it so silently
… feel it eternally and feel it expectantly
… feel it always

In a place that's full of peace, where the calm surrounds me
Swim through liquid mysteries, drop the chains that bound me
In this place so clean and wild - free the world I leave behind
Sink into the deepest quiet - unchangeably I close my eyes

Please let me know you'll understand, it's not your fault I'm leaving
I'll cry the tears for you, oh Dad, please let me reach my Eden

Disappear into thin air – a new leaf's turned over
Vanish from the world out there, for the wind got colder
Pleasantly I found the truth guiding me back to my roots
Finally it leads me soon to origins where I belong

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