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Sylvan - Force of Gravity

I light up a fire,
A fire that stands for all injustice that we see
It helps to revive
The pictures of grief that it's incapable to ease
An impulse to move up
With the rise of wind, travels way beyond our reach
To search for a saviour
It can't find down here, against the fall...

I light up a fire,
A fire that mourns for those who know atrocity
It helps realize
That fate does not grant all what's self-evident for me
A fire that climbs up
Like a shooting star, travels distant galaxies
One wish it might grant us:
To rise like itself against the force of gravity

First, you rise
From embers shy and then you climb
Up high and weightless brave the fall
My burgeoning fire, please fly,
Please shine!
You shine, you warm me,
My hope,
Your light engulfs the cold
And changes our world
In defiance of it all...

And spark and fly
And glow and shine,
Don't fall but rise
And burn, my fire!

The force of gravity!
The force of gravity!
The force of gravity!

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