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Sylvan - In Chains

Cold spreads out a chill of fear when the wind blows
Used to freeze and bind me here … and now it grows
Feel they will exploit my crude naivety
Things I will reveal to you – my diary

Put into words what I’m feeling, put into words my whole life …

In chains – when will I freak out in chains?
Thoughts that are about to rise will be unbound
Doubts – I try to verbalize and write them down
Push the narrowness aside incessantly
It’s just in you that I confide – my diary

Searching, I’m searching the world in my head
Hoping, still hoping to find it somewhere
Traveled through landscapes in quest of this place
Where peacefully sugary roses await …

Mellowly in arms wide open – they comfort me in peace
Countless people notice me and listen honestly
Colorful but open-minded they tolerate me all
Wouldn’t it be great if I can find this lost imaginary world …

There are times, when – through the haze – I find it hard to see
There are times, when I regret there’s no-one here for me
There are times, when I’m alone, I’m crying desperately
There are times, when I miss Daddy’s hand that’s guiding me …

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