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TV Girl - Lovers Rock

[Verse 1]
Are you sick of me?
Would you like to be?
I'm tryna tell you something
Something that I already said

You like the pretty boy
With a pretty voice
Who's tryna sell you something
Something that you already have

But if you're too drunk to drive
And the music is right
She might let you stay
But just for the night
And if she grabs for your hand
And drags you along
She might want a kiss
Before the end of the song
Because love can burn like a cigarette
And leave you with nothing
And leave you with nothing

[Verse 2]
While the others talk
We were listening to lovers rock
In her bedroom
In her bedroom

"Kind of a funny story involving this song. There was this girl I knew once who was very beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known personally. I tried my damnedest to make something happen but it just didn’t take and I gave up. Later, there was a party at her house and I stayed up very late until it was just me and this girl. And the sun was coming up and we were in her room listening to records. Something about watching the sun come up after staying up all night, the world just doesn’t feel real. I guess that’s why she decided that we could kiss, but only for a little bit and then she would go to sleep and I would have to leave. And that’s what happened. Afterwards, I quickly discovered that this isolated incident had not changed the situation between us and I shrugged and gave up again. Then, later, I was at her house and we got around to talking about writing songs. She asked if I’d ever written a song about her. Anyways, I told her I had just written a song about her called Lovers Rock. This was before the song was released but I played her a demo of it from my phone. It was sort of strange. I remember I was lying on her couch with my head in her lap and she was playing with my hair, and we just sat there and listened to the whole song in silence. When it was over I looked up at her and she said “I really like that one.” That was all."

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